itchconfig Documentation
Reserved File Names and Identifiers


itchconfig reserves certain file name and identifier patterns for current or future use. To avoid problems, you should not use such file names and identifiers otherwise in your software package.

Reserved file name pattern: config*

Reserved identifier patterns in configure.base files (and thus configure script files): ic*, IC*, _ic*, _IC*, __ic*, __IC* etc.; i_*, _i_*, __i_* etc.

Reserved identifier and line-begin pattern in source code files: __IC*

File Names

Currently, reserved file names are (resp. can be) used as follows:

Identifiers in configure Scripts

For itchconfig's internal algorithms, identifiers in configure scripts are mostly used as follows; the "mostly" will vanish in one of the next versions.

This documentation file is part of version 0.0.4 of itchconfig, a configuration tool created by Arne Thomaßen. itchconfig is basically released under certain versions of the GNU General Public License and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Copyright (C) 2002 Arne Thomaßen.