itchconfig Documentation
Macros: Paths


Tries to find out the path of the program. If id isn't given, it will be "PATH_PROGRAM_tpn"; tpn is the transformed program name: all lower-case letters are converted to their upper-case equivalents, and all non-alphanumeric characters are replaced with underscores. behavior: see IC_SUBSTITUTE.

Since version 0.0.2, you can use the optional parameter variants; this is a list of possible variants of the program name which shall be taken into account when trying to find out the path. If variants is the underscore character ("_"), a default list will be used; currently, default lists for the programs "awk", "perl" and "tar" are known; for example, the default variants list for "awk" is "gawk mawk nawk awk".


Tries to find out the paths of the programs. This command basically calls IC_PATH_PROGRAM (which will use the respective default id and an empty variants list) for each of the programs.

This documentation file is part of version 0.0.4 of itchconfig, a configuration tool created by Arne Thomaßen. itchconfig is basically released under certain versions of the GNU General Public License and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Copyright (C) 2002 Arne Thomaßen.