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Macros: Makefiles


Adds the extra target to the generated Makefile so that users can execute it with "make target". You need not provide any dependencies or code here, you can also add them later with IC_MAKEFILE_TARGET_ADD_DEP and IC_MAKEFILE_TARGET_ADD_CODE. If flags & 1, the target won't be treated as a phony target.


Adds the dependencies (prerequisites) to all the targets (formerly created with IC_MAKEFILE_TARGET_CREATE).


Adds the code to all the targets (formerly created with IC_MAKEFILE_TARGET_CREATE).


Sets the default target of the Makefile to target; that is the target which is executed when a user simply enters "make". Normally, the default target is "all-binaries", which builds all binaries as defined by IC_BINARY_CREATE (or says "Nothing to do!" when no binaries have to be created:-). - This special command probably is only needed by software packages with very strange requirements; it exists just for completeness.


This is a special command for software packages which provide both a "classical" Makefile and a configure script. When the user executes the configure script, the classical Makefile will be preserved (by renaming the file to "Makefile-classical") before configure.act writes its auto-generated Makefile.

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