itchconfig Documentation
Macros: Binaries


Adds the given binaries to the list of all binaries which shall be built when the user executes "make".


Makes sure that the source code files will be taken into account when the binaries are built.

If a file name is of the form "1;foo", a file called "foo" will be used for the binary and auto-generated from "" which must exist in the package; similarly "2;foo" generates "foo" from "", "3;foo" generates "foo" from "" etc. (But normally, "1;foo" should be enough...) See also IC_INFILE_ADD.

Since version 0.0.2, you can use the parameter prefix to declare a common path prefix for all the files. This is just there to save some typing and improve readability for very long lists of files; for example, if your source code files are in the sub-directory "src", you could write IC_BINARY_ADD_SOURCE(foo, C, [a1.c a2.c a3.c a4.c], src) instead of IC_BINARY_ADD_SOURCE(foo, C, [src/a1.c src/a2.c src/a3.c src/a4.c]).


Makes sure that the libraries are linked when the binaries are built.


Tells itchconfig that the binaries shall be built as "reentrant". This command basically adds "-D_REENTRANT" to CFLAGS.


Tells itchconfig that the binaries use the GTK graphics library. The configure script will call gtk-config to find out appropriate libraries for linking and CFLAGS.

This documentation file is part of version 0.0.4 of itchconfig, a configuration tool created by Arne Thomaßen. itchconfig is basically released under certain versions of the GNU General Public License and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY. Copyright (C) 2002 Arne Thomaßen.